"Why" is always the most important question. I mean we ask "why" from the moment we can speak. We're such curious beings. There were a few reasons I decided to start this blog, from peer pressure to simply answering questions. I have no goals or expectations about where this blog will go yet but I'm ready to give it an honest try.

Because someone told me to.

In my line of work, when you work with hotels and larger brands they often look for a spot on a blog. Why? Because it can include more pictures or video, a more permanent spot on the internet, you can click links, you can reach more people for a longer period of time, it's searchable and it's more personable which can build up the whole "trust factor".

This is a perfect place to answer all questions more in depth. 

For most of you you probably found me on instagram. Instagram is such an awesome platform but it's not always the greatest for long conversations. I've had so many of the same questions over the years and it'll be so great to be able to give you the answers in detail on this blog. 

"It'll be fun" they said

If you've ever started a blog it's definitely not easy. It's work. I spent days just looking for the right platform to use and nearly tore my hair out with that decision and don't even get me started about the layout, colours, fonts....ah! I avoided starting a blog for the longest time for that reason, I had so much work on my plate already, did I really want to add one more thing? As I started to get somewhere with creating the site I realized how much I love starting new projects, it's one of my favourite things to do.


The main reason I started this blog is to be of service to my community. I have had so many beautiful conversations with so many people that want to follow their dreams to be artists, entrepreneurs, youtubers, content creators, etc. You have questions and I want to help answer them or find the best person who can! 

Thank you for being here and looking forward to see what this becomes :)

- Mel xx