Mike and I got invited on a trip to Punta Cana with Club Med just a couple of weeks before we were due to leave because someone had dropped out. The best part is we figured out some of our really good friends were going and we told the whole team to try to keep our coming a secret. We managed to pull it off and had the best time doing it! Vlog to come on everyone's reaction but aren't surprises the best?? 

We had a very pleasant flight, surprised @VerSepasi and @LapisOfLuxury, got off the plane, my luggage finally came out (as usual!), we surprised @filipajackson and @playingwithmenapparel and then we all hoped in the van for a very quick 10 minute drive to the Club Med resort. We were greeted by the nicest team who broke down how our 4 days were going to go. Mike and I had never been to a Club Med before but we're realizing we're starting to like this all-inclusive business, that way we don't have any unexpected costs to pay at the end and we can eat and drink as much as our heart desires. All-inclusives are not my favourite since I love to explore a country and not just the resort, but it definitely feels more relaxing like someones always taking care of you. 

We stayed in the Zen Oasis area which is an adult only part of the resort so we found it a lot quieter. Our room was really spacious, great closet space, the rain shower was my favourite and the bathtub was enormous! There are 2 large pool areas on the property with plenty of seating space! They even have a barber which Mike was able to experience. I've never seen another resort with a fancy barber! 

The activities are what Mike and I were the most excited about. This resort in particular had an area by cirque du soleil where you could learn how to trapeze! Mike is afraid of heights but you would never know, that man walked up that very high latter and trapeze'd like a pro! Put us all to shame. They give you a little bit of training before hand and everything is very secure. We also did a little bit of kayaking, archery (which I sucked at) and had a massage on the beach.

Food! One of the main concerns when someone mentions "all-inclusive" is that the food is automatically going to be terrible. The first day we were there we grabbed a late lunch at the beach bar area and unfortunately weren't impressed but the next day we hit the buffet and man it was a totally different experience. The food was pretty good and the different options of food and beverages were great!

Now that I've told you all this I can't wait for the vlog to be finished. Meanwhile, check out some photos from our trip below.

Leave any questions or comments in the comment section. Would love to answer them! :) 

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