When I was approached by Travel Mindset if I wanted to go experience a wellness retreat at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise my first thought was “when was the last time I did anything wellness related? I don’t go to the gym, I’m not super healthy with my eating…The retreat wouldn’t make any sense for me.”

However, the retreat was called “Pause. Reboot. Recreate your life” and while I was reading through the description I realized it called to me and where I was in my life. For the last 6 months, I’ve felt really lost and my self-care has been a huge topic for me. This is largely because I’ve been going through a lot with social media, specifically instagram and how it can take a big toll on your mental health. When I thought about it more and more it seemed like this retreat was a sign from the universe to go and see what comes up for me plus it was at one of the most beautiful hotels in the world! I decided to go.

Man…I’m so happy I went! I met some incredible women all going through different things in their lives and by the end everyone really finding new projects or paths they want to go down. It felt like such a blessing to be there and witness everyone’s transformation. One of the things I really appreciated was that I was alone. Reason being, if I was with someone else I would be so focus on the other person and making sure I was helping them through their stuff. Because I was with strangers I was completely focused on myself, what I wanted and what I needed.

The room I was staying in was a lake view room and it was amazing. Being able to look at the mountains every morning was perfection! The bed was also ridiculously comfortable, I didn’t want to get out of it every morning.

I would highly recommend this retreat if you’re feeling a little stuck in life and needing a little push in helping you figure out what the next thing is for you. The retreat was not expensive (see below) and your health, including your mental health will always be worth the investment.



I asked you on Instagram what kind of questions you had about the retreat so I wrote down the main ones below. Here are some of your most asked questions about the retreat.

HOW LONG WAS IT? I was there for 4 nights.

WAS IT FUN? The group had fun together. If you’re looking for something that challenges you and has you dig deep then this is for you.

HOW MUCH WAS IT? If you are doing a single occupancy then the retreat costed $2,249CAD. If you were doing a double occupancy it costed $1,949CAD. For anyone coming from the US it’s even cheaper because of the exchange rate! All of our meals were included.

BIGGEST TAKEAWAY? I feel like I got quite a few things out of this retreat but I think the biggest was that I was able to get clear on what was really important for me. For a little while now I’ve felt lost in what I wanted to do next and what purpose I want my path to have. I realized I have a big passion for education. I really suffered when I was in school, I didn’t get good grades and I feel there is such a large portion of children that are in the same boat. The education system hasn’t changed in hundreds of years and now we live in a world where everything lives on our phone and kids learn how to use an iPad in under 5 minutes. I have personally learned the most while traveling around the world but that’s not always accessible to everyone. I want to change education in some way but I’m currently just brainstorming ideas.

WHO HOSTED?  Kim Roberts was our facilitator and she was amazing. She really kept space for us to inquire and dig deeper and go through all of our emotions. She is a psychotherapist, yoga instructor, Dharma practitioner, author and artist.

HOW DO I SIGN UP? You can head to https://bit.ly/2AOv3st to see the full list of all the retreats available and what they’re about.

DO THEY DO TROPICAL CLIMATES? This partnership is only with the Fairmont Wellness at Chateau Lake Louise. Maybe they’ll expand the program one day but for now it’s only there.

WHAT KIND OF THINGS DID YOU DO?  We did some meditation, yoga, walking meditations outside in nature, journaling, one-on-one work with other participants and collaging exercises. I personally loved the journaling activity I felt I had so much to write down all the time and Its something I’ve continued to do at home.

HOW MANY WERE YOU? We were 6 women aged 30-70. I really enjoyed the intimate group but some retreats can go up to 16 people. That would be their maximum.

HOW WAS THE WEATHER? The weather was actually beautiful. Not windy, a little chilly but could survive in a heavy sweater or light winter jacket.

HOW WAS THE FOOD? Amazing!! All the food we had during the retreat was so tasty and often very good for you as well.

For more info on these wellness retreat you can their website here.