Portugal has become one of my favourite places on earth. I didn't expect it to because to be honest I hadn't really thought of visiting Portugal until Mike mentioned we should look it up. Before the trip I spoke to so many people that were such HUGE fans of Portugal and now I understand why. The only thing Mike and I wished we could've done was fly into Porto instead of Lisbon and spend a couple of days there. Ideally it would've been Porto - Lisbon - Lagos - Airport.

Benagil Caves

One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen! You have probably seen this cave on the internet at some point. Some may think that this cave is photoshopped...this is it. I used photoshop to take out a lot of the footprints in my photo for instagram but I left them in on this one so you can see more of a raw image of the cave. Isn't it amazing? I'll be doing a blog post on this cave and how we got in here with all of our gear. 

Benagil Caves, Portugal

Benagil Caves, Portugal

Benagil Caves, Portugal

Benagil Caves, Portugal

Private beach next to Benagil Caves

Private beach next to Benagil Caves

2. Praia da Marinha

One of our favourite Algarve beaches. It comes with the most beautiful rock formations that you can climb up on. If you are flying a drone at any Algarve beach beware of birds!

Praia Da Marinha, Portugal

Praia Da Marinha, Portugal

Praia Da Marinha, Portugal

Praia Da Marinha, Portugal

Pena Palace 

Although it was foggy we still managed to get some really magical pictures! Pena Palace is located in Sintra just 40 minutes outside of Lisbon. Rent a car for the day and experience some of the most incredible castles and palaces.


Quinta da Regaleira 

This is one spot that Mike really wanted to go to and it's got a really mysterious feel to it! No one really knows what kinds of ceremonies happened in this well but it's certainly wasn't anything water related.


Ponta Da Piedade

Grab a pizza, a blanket and some wine or whatever tickles your fancy and come watch sunset atop this cliff. It's so beautiful! During the day time walk down the steps to the dock and watch the boats come in. Better yet put a drone up in the air and see what it looks like from above. It's incredible!



In Lisbon, head to the Alfama and walk the streets to discover some of the most beautiful tiled walls you've ever seen. Mike and I just enjoyed a stroll up and down the streets.


7. Pasteis de natas

You absolutely have to try the famous pasteis de natas. They are the most delicious flakey, custard pastries ever! We tried out Pasteis de Belem and Manteigaria. We liked Belem a little bit more then Manteigaria.


Pinhao beach

Not as touristy as some of the other popular beaches in the Algarve but certainly one of the most beautiful. We discovered a little cave here which was so beautiful. We decided to come in the early morning to shoot and there was no one on the beach it was amazing!