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Hi there! My name is Melanie, but please call me Mel. I am an entrepreneur and travel/lifestyle content creator from Montreal, Canada. My job is to put my creative side to work in creating beautiful and genuine content for brands while I travel the world. It's my dream job that I don't mind working 100 hours a week for. I'm so grateful to have you stop by to see what is basically my brain on paper. The reason I started this online space is to be of service and answer as many questions as I can in terms of my job, traveling, adventures, photography, social media, life, relationships...etc. This is not a space for fluffiness*, this is a space for candid, real and honest thoughts and a place where everyone is kind to each other (unkind behaviour is not welcome). My goal is to inspire you along your journey in any way I can.

*Fluffiness: the fake, BS or superficial.